Mission & Vision


1. Dissemination of Higher Education to the bottom of the society without any discrimination.
2. Development of positive attitude and self believe to succeed in most oppressed class of the society.
3. Creation of a pool of genuine human beings with all humane qualities and values.
4. Building eco friendly campus and environment caring society.
5. Endorsing all update method of teaching and learning.
6. Emphasizing on the extracurricular activities vis-a- vis upgraded and widened curriculum.
7. Promoting the local culture, art, craft and literature to have its marked identity.


This institution envisions a society advanced and progressive without any prejudice, bias against any caste or religion with optimum gender equality, with ample knowledge and skills inculcating human values at its core, perpetual quest for excellence, love, and respect for fellow citizens promoting the scientific temper to boost global stewardship and making education relevant for creating an environment conducive for sustained inclusive growth.