Every student enrolled in the college must either reside with his/her parents/natural guardian or in the College Hostel. The College provides two hostels -- One with an accommodation for 40 students(men), another with an accommodation of 75 students(girls).

Students of Hostel:-

  1. Yougajyoti Ladies Hostel
  2. SC/ST Boys Hostel

Staff of Hostel:-

  1. Superintendent (Lady)
  2. Deputy Superintendent (Lady)
  3. Matron
  4. Lady Clerk
  5. Watchman (Two)
  6. Sweeper


  1. Study room
  2. Sick room
  3. Aqua guard
  4. T.V


  1. All boarders should maintain perfect discipline inside the hostel and they must behave properly both inside and outside the hostel.
  2. No boarder should change seat or the room, allotted to him without the permission of the Superintendent.
  3. No boarder should disturb in any way his room-mates during the study hours.
  4. Study hours to be observed, will be notified in the hostel from time to time and study hour bells will be given, All boarders must be present in their respective seats.
  5. No boarder can remain absent during the study hour without the permission of the Superintendent. If on any day, during a surprise check any boarder is found absent, severe disciplinary action will be taken against him and if such absence recurs he will be liable to expulsion from the hostel.
  6. No boarder is allowed to keep his room lighted after 11 P.M. If any room is found lighted on any day after 11 P.M. all the inmates of the room will be penalised.
  7. No one should tamper in any manner the electric installations provided in the room or anywhere in the hostel.
  8. Heater, Radio etc. should not be kept inside the hostel rooms. No one should make an attempt to use an adapter or try to extend the line.
  9. Whenever anybody is sick he/she must immediately inform the Superintendent and must move to the sick room provided.


  1. Every boarder has to furnish the names of two legal guardians prior to their admission into the Hostel.
  2. Such authorised visitors are allowed to visit the boarders in the hostel during visiting hrs. only and sign in the visitors book. They may however visit the boarder in the hostel beyond the visiting hrs with specific permission from the superintendent only on the ground of emergent nature of boarder’s health or any urgent business to be determined by direction of the superintendent.
  3. Visitors shall be received in the visitors room only.
  4. Visitors can meet the boarders between 4 P.M. to 6 P.M. No visitors are allowed after 6 P.M.
  5. Parents of the boarders are allowed to visit their wards on any day between 5 P.M. to 6 P.M. with due permission of the superintendent.
  6. No boarder can go out of the College campus without permission of the supdt.
  7. The boarders shall give an undertaking to abide by the rules of the Hostel prior to their admission.
  8. A boarder may be removed from the hostel on the report of the supdt. for habitual or gross misconduct.
  9. A boarder will be removed from the Hostel if she uses electric heater.
  10. All boarders are bound to take meals in the common mess.